The following lines were printed in raw mode by module, however this should not happen. The module is probably directly calling functions like echo, print, or printf. Please modify the module to exclude direct output. The module is violating Xaraya architecture principles.

This is the real module output:

Get Involved

You may be asking yourself what is the best way to get involved with Xaraya? There are two ways to contribute to the project: help maintain sites and development.

If you're interested in writing documentation, publishing updates, and/or providing user support contribution is as simple as joining this site. Once registered post in our forums, ask questions, answer questions, submit document ideas[1] on the forum. Be active and let us know you would like to contribute.

Want to contribute code? Join Xaraya on GitHub and fork us once you make your changes to your local repository and submit pull requests with your changes[2].


  1. ^ At some point we will have a user wiki that any registered user can contribute too.
  2. ^ Keep an eye on this space as we will be providing guidelines and other applicable information, in the meantime jump in.
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