Making of Xarmaica

Built on and extended with

Xarmaica uses Xaraya 2.4.0 (Bermuda) core as its base and several modules to extend functionality. To produce content and facilitate support we use content modules crispBB and Publications. To allow community involvement we have implemented User & Group modules Registration & Members. To round things off we use several utilities to help maintain and configure the site and its content: HTML, CKEditor, and Hitcount.

About our theme

Our frontend theme is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap. Built to be both pretty and as a proof of concept. Thanks to changes in Bermuda that allow dynamic doctypes it is easier than ever to build an HTML5 theme/template. For that matter it is now easier to make any kind of doctype. With that said BlockLayout still requires tags to be properly closed, however that does make code much easier to read. Even self closing tags are quicker to spot with />. With our current theme we can't take advantage of Jamaica/Bermuda's built-in whitespace remover, though with some troubleshooting am sure that can be changed (most likely something as simple as   .)

With some minor updates to our template files we now take agvantage of the "Compress whitespace" setting. We also take advantage of a couple other features: Combine CSS, which combine all stylesheets and embedded styles into a single file & Compress CSS, which compresses combined CSS stylesheet, eliminating whitespace, comments and linebreaks. Not only are we saving several kb we are also saving http requests to the server. 

Note: This document will be updated as we progress.   

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