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Xaraya is an application development framework written in PHP which can be used to develop any number of web applications.

Powerful Privileges

Xaraya can allow or deny access to content and functionality, either in broad terms or very specific parameters. Xaraya scrubs all input by default using strict data validation.

Multi-Language System

Xaraya is completely translatable with its Multi-Language System (MLS). Any text and some data (such as dates) can be localized.

Easy to Extend

Once installed Xaraya is easily extended by installing modules, blocks, and/or properties. With the use of Hooks some modules can extend the functionality of other modules.

Dynamic Data

Xaraya often organizes data into objects. Dynamic Data (DD) allows users to create custom objects, or extend objects defined by modules, with Properties.

Robust, Extensible API

With the API, developers can easily access, and manipulate when applicable, data related to the server environment, current request, modules, users, and Xaraya's subsystems.


BlockLayout is our templating system. BlockLayout defines a set of XML tags which are used to control presentation of data, requiring minimal PHP knowledge to use templates.

Requirements for running Xaraya

A web server that can run the PHP programming language, such as Apache, IIS, Nginx, or OpenLiteSpeed.
A relationsal database Xaraya supports, such as MySQL, PostgeSQL or SQLite.
PHP version 5.3.0 or higher installed
The PHP XML extension installed
The PHP XSL extension installed
Meet the requirements?