The following lines were printed in raw mode by module, however this should not happen. The module is probably directly calling functions like echo, print, or printf. Please modify the module to exclude direct output. The module is violating Xaraya architecture principles.

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About Xaraya

How do I pronounce Xaraya?

It is not as difficult as it may look phonetically it looks: Zah-rai-ah

Why Xarmaica?

The first branch of the Xaraya 2.0.0 is known as Jamaica, so for our newly developed community website we decided to honor Xaraya and Jamaica by combining the words. Plus it sounds better then Xarmuda

About Xaraya

Xaraya is an open source, web application framework written in PHP, on which developers can create web applications and enjoy considerable flexibility.

Xaraya reduces web site development costs by introducing administration tools & services which separate form, function, content, and design. With Xaraya you work in a simple structured environment to rapidly develop websites with diverse content, and customizable functionality.

Want to know more about Xaraya's rich history? Visit our projects legacy page at