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Release module
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topic icon Ideas & Wishlist for Release module.
Posted 6:20:23 PM, Nov 13, 2015 [ ip logged ]


Deconstruction of what is currently on


  • Eliminate the "Release Notification," Hits, and "Info" columns. 
  • Change ID to the extension ID, seems more useful though we could just eliminate that column as well.
  • Change Name from regname to Display Name. More readable, reg name can be displayed on "View" page.
  • Add "View" link to name. Meaning make say publications link to the publications extension.
  • Add Search to UI and remove Search Tab from "Select"
  • Username links to modules by user instead of link to roles.
  • Add filtering/sorting options: Hide Core Extensions, Has Download, Version Compatibility*

Register Extention 

New Extension
  • Lose Registration ID, should be generated (at least once we have all "current" extensions added) Maybe a warning the ID won't be reserved unless registration is completed?
  • Public/Private Designation: So we want to encourage registration of extensions because ID's & reg name are important for conflicts & dependencies,  however not all extensions are or should be public so there should be a way to mark an extension as private.
  • Incorporate Announce Release into initial registration.
    Incorporate Announce Release fields into initial registration. Less steps the better. Version number should be edit editable 
  • Add Core Version Compatibility field/list, maybe a multiselection?

Announce Release

Incorporate Announce Release into initial registration.
  • Remove "Announce Release" Tab
  • Access to Announce Release Moved to view extension page. 
  • Remove Multi-step process show all fields assume if demo and support links are empty no demo/support are currently available.
  • Add Source/repository link field
  • Add Screenshot Field (Url field for now maybe upload later?)
  • Added option to upload release (Later)

View Extention

View Extention

Not much changes here, but is a good Segway to some notes.


With the elimination of some tabs in my opinion, we should move the main module navigation to the module header. Right aligned from "Project Registration & Releases" should be a "Register Release" link and a "blue question mark icon"  for the help page. That way only the extension view page requires tabs. Make "Project Registration & Releases" a link back to the listing page and we can eliminate the "View Extensions" tab.

Backend thoughts and other future plans to be added later.

Joined: Sep 12, 2015
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topic icon Longer Term Ideas, Plus a curve ball.
Posted 7:31:14 PM, Nov 13, 2015 [ ip logged ]

Module Name - The Curve

Not a real issue per say however would "Extensions" be a more appropriate name for our release module.  While not important really, just a thought. Releases is only a part of the functionality.


Long term it would be nice to be able to offer a marketplace for commercial extensions.  Basically we hook some form of payment processor to the release module. We allow commercial developers to sell their modules on our community site.  Charge processing fee whatever the processors fees are plus a small % maintenance fee.

Using Paypal as an example " 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction", if someone listed a module at $14.99usd Paypal would charge about 0.74 cents so before our own fee the amount is down to $14.25 if we had a hosting and maintenance fee of 5% our fee would be about 0.75 cents leaving $13.50 to send to the commercial developer.

So what does the user experience? Basically they click buy, enter their PayPal info or pay with credit card (still processed via PayPal but doesn't require them to have an account) they get sent to their download which is unlocked when payment is processed. So besides entering payment info not much different from "normal" download experience.

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